Who needs a White Card?

It is a legal requirement for anybody working on a construction site in Victoria.

You will require it if you are working or intend to work in commercial or domestic construction, painting, carpentry, brick laying, concreting, tiling, plumbing, electrical and other similar trades.

You will not be allowed to work on a site without a White Card.

Completing a White Card increases your ability to acquire work in the construction industry.  Employers employ those that have White Card accreditation.

Course Information

Does an Owner Builder need a White Card?

If you an Owner Builder doing a renovation your building site address may become a ‘workplace’ under OHS law.  This applies if you are erecting any structure, such as an addition to your home, or building a pool or garage.

If you are completing the work yourself, your site won’t be considered a workplace, however if you are going to engage or oversee any contractors (e.g. a plumber or tiler) who will enter the site to do some work, it will be classed as a workplace and you will need a Victorian White Card.

How do I book and pay?

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Payment of $149 is made by card on the day of the course.

Our Training Locations

Our training will take place at the following locations.

Melbourne St Kilda







Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements

Students must have sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills to able to read, write and understand English and to able to perform simple calculations. 

Students must also be able to provide verbal responses in English to any questions asked.

Student Handbook

Click on the book above to download the Student Handbook.


Why do I need a USI number to complete this course?

USI numbers are a government initiative that records all nationally recognised training for individuals.

Your USI number can be accessed at any time online, is free and easy to create and stays with you for life.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a USI number you won’t be able to complete our course. You can apply for a USI number for free by clicking on the above image or Click Here.

Why do I need Personal Protective Equipment to complete this course?

To attend the class, you MUST have the following PPE available prior to the beginning of the class as part the assessment is the training observing the student putting this on correctly.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions PPE cannot be shared.

PPE is available for sale through the hardware warehouses (such as Bunnings or RSEA).  Alternatively you can purchase from us at check in on the day for $25.

Please note that PPE must meet Australian Standards (refer to below list for standards and examples).

According to the WorkSafe VIC, following PPE is required

  1. Head Protection (hard hat) (AS/NZS 1801 Occupational protective helmets)
  2. Eye Protection (AS 1337.1 Personal eye protection, Eye and face protectors for occupational applications)

    3. Hearing Protection (AS/NZS 1270 Acoustics – Hearing protectors)

    4. High visibility reflective vest (AS/NZS 4602.1 High visibility safety garments class day/night and AS/NZS 1906.4 – Retroreflective materials & High Visibility materials for safety garments)

Why use us as your White Card Registered Training Organisation?

Best Restaurant Training (RTO number 40777) is accredited by both the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and WorkSafe Victoria to deliver and issue the nationally accredited unit CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry and the Victorian White Card.

On-line White Card courses and courses that are not from an approved Registered Training Organisation are not accepted. If you complete a White Card course that is not with an approved RTO, WorkSafe Victoria will not issue you a White Card for the purposes of undertaking construction work.

Only Construction Induction Training that is undertaken with an approved RTO will lead to a White Card being issued to you by WorkSafe Victoria.


Frequently asked questions about the White Card course.

How long does the course take? – Six and a half hours including check in and ID verification

How much does the course cost? – $149

What do I receive as a result of completing the course? – You will receive the National Statement of Attainment CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry and the Construction Induction Card issued by WorkSafe Victoria.

What does the course cover? – The course covers several topics including identifying health and safety legislative requirements of construction work, identifying construction hazards and risk control measures, identifying health and safety communication and reporting processes and identifying incident and emergency response procedures.

What are the requirements for students attending this course? – Students are required to have necessary Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills as outlined above.  Students will also be asked to provide valid identification documents.  For a list of acceptable forms of ID click on this link WorkSafe Victoria Proof of Identity Documents.

Can I undertake the course if I am on an International Student Visa? – Yes you can complete White Card training through us.


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